Discover Who You Are

College is an important time to get out of your comfort zone, discover your passions, and reflect on your skillset.

Mentoring Matters

Learn why having a mentor is beneficial to your career journey.

Advice from Graduates

Hear what these grads wish they knew BEFORE they graduated. Young professionals share “insider” knowledge on the job hunt.

Importance of Networking

What does ‘networking’ really mean, and how do you use it to your advantage? Experts reveal how to make the …

Alumni Connections

Connections with alumni can offer leads to desired jobs. Be strategic and use available campus alumni resources and LinkedIn to …

Elevator Pitch

Our experts share advice on sharing your experience and passion concisely and confidently.

Stand Out on LinkedIn

In today’s “virtual networking” world, it’s critical to have a LinkedIn profile that showcases your skills and abilities to employers. …

Career Readiness Is . . .

Career Readiness skills are the non-academic areas employers expect you to demonstrate when you enter the workforce.