Mechanical Engineering Student Shares Her Internship Experience

Senior Mechanical Engineering student, Meinar Sheila, completed a three-month internship that she said has opened her eyes to new opportunities.

Through the internship fair put on by Career Services, Sheila was able to secure an internship position with Liberty Energy, an oilfield service firm that specializes in services like hydraulic fracturing and wireline.

“I had polished my resume and did a mock interview with UTPB Career Services,” Sheila said. “There were multiple companies I interviewed with, one of which was Liberty Energy. I had the chance to be interviewed by one of the Lead Engineers there which turned into a conversation about the oil industry and field engineering life.”

Sheila said she surprised herself with all the knowledge she was able to gain during the internship.

“We did everything from swinging and rebuilding 10-pound hammers, running a suck truck, greasing high pressured pumps, conducting pump maintenance, changing valves and seats, a full rebuild for the fluid ends of the pumps, assembling packings for the fluid ends of the hydraulic horsepower, and so much more! It was truly an experience that required brain and elbow grease. I did physical work that I didn’t even know I was capable of doing in the first place and learned everything from ground zero.”

Sheila said she was stationed at the company’s base in Henderson, Colorado. She worked there for about a month, then worked in Williston, North Dakota; Jal, New Mexico; and Denver, Colorado throughout the rest of the internship.

“As a female with no experience in the field whatsoever, I was welcomed by the whole crew to learn and participate in these jobs,” Sheila said. “They truly helped me understand what goes on in frac jobs outside the DataVan, and everyone always made me feel like I was part of the crew, which I’m forever thankful for.”

Aside from her internship, Sheila is heavily involved in student life at UTPB.

“I’m active in a number of organizations within campus,” Sheila said, “such as Vice President for Upsilon Tau Pi Beta Engineering Honors Society in the UTPB Chapter, Student Senator for Mechanical Engineering Seat for UTPB Student Government Association, Social Vice President for Theta ETA Sorority, and a member of UTPB’s Society of Women Engineers.”

Her work, however, does not stop there. Sheila also works part-time at the UTPB Student Success Center as a tutor for math, engineering, and physics courses.

“I truly feel involved in the UTPB community, which I adore and love.”

Sheila said she is also grateful for the experiences UTPB has given her in the classroom.

“UTPB really helped me in getting through tough concepts in my courses without making it seem like something I just have to get done for my degree. In a way, I really feel the want to learn when going through these courses, which is very important to me as a student.”

Sheila said she would encourage any and everyone to be a student at UTPB for many reasons.

“UTPB has a very welcoming environment for students to succeed. Resources, such as the Success Center, Career Services, and additional workshop programs, allow students to get through tough courses while also preparing for a career. The community and learning environment at UTPB really make everyone feel at home.”


Author: Kamryn Wesson

By Megan Baeza
Megan Baeza Executive Director